Traveling To The South African Winelands

Africa has long been a top destination for adventurers who want to see the Big Five or see some of the world's most beautiful sights on a safari. Though South Africa is becoming increasingly popular as a luxury destination. South African vineyards offer a stunning oasis against a backdrop of dramatic mountains and intense colors. South Africa has been growing grapes and making red wines for more than 350 years.

When you hear about South African vineyards, it usually refers to the majestic vineyards located about 45 miles from Cape Town. More than ninety-seven percent of the wines produced in South Africa come from this region, and those interested in tasting excellent wines, food, and culture know that the Cape wine country is worth more than a trip. If you are also a wine lover and want to buy South African wine visit and fulfill your desire of drinking the best wine.

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Variations in soil, weather, altitude, and terrain conditions create tremendous complexity in South African wines. Luxurious resorts, scenic excursions, and the innovative and delicious cuisine of Cape Town's best restaurants make it a truly great travel destination. When planning your trip, focus on the wine region, or route you wish to visit.

The Constance Wine Route, for example, is very close to the center of Cape Town, but at the same time far from the world. You can see the gorgeous Cape architecture that only matches the taste of the wines produced in this region, especially the Sauvignon Blanc. Another great option is the Franschhoek region, known for its incredible views of the mountains and valleys and a rich selection of red, white, and sparkling wines.