An Introduction To The Many Types of Binding

Many businesses as well as individuals utilize binding machines for a variety of purposes. There are various kinds of binding and each comes in various sizes that can accommodate different quantities of binding coils. 

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We'll briefly discuss the various binding styles

Comb Binding

The plastic combs cause holes to the paper's edges. The comb will then be opened once you've inserted your paper , and then close it using an equally spaced row of rings made of plastic.

The biggest combs made of plastic and purchased will have a binding of approximately 500 pages. Plastic combs aren't an ideal binding option since they have an extended spine made of plastic. The spine extends across the combs, and stops it from folding itself over in the same way that coils do.

Coil Binding

Coil binding machines can punch and bind paper with one spiral coil. Notebooks that were spiral bound were constructed from a steel coil with sharp edges. They could also bend. PVC coils are utilized in many uses to take over metal. PVC is more robust because its flexible, and doesn't have sharp edges as metal coils.

Spiral binding is ideal for law firms as well as real estate plans, or any other type of person who requires to be able to quickly (relative with the traditional cob binding) and securely tie bigger documents.