Towing Companies In San Antonio Offer Much More Than Just Tow Truck Services

Everyone needs a tow service at one point or another. Regardless if it is a flat tire or a missing bender, tow trucks have assisted us all out of a jam by safely carrying our vehicle to a repair shop. But most people don’t realize that tow companies offer more than just a lift when your car is decommissioned. From roadside assistance to flatbed tow, the best towing company in San Antonio provides many useful services.

Roadside assistance in an emergency

Besides tow services, most towing companies offer thorough breakdown assistance. Many offer 24-hour service so they are ready to help you in the middle of the night when roadside assistance is most important. Emergency roadside assistance services are generally used for:

• Flat tire

• Empty gas tank

• Dead battery

• Lock Outs

Flatbed Towing Services

While you may be familiar with using crane hoists to move damaged vehicles, you may not know that hoists are also used to pull heavy equipment and loads. Many crane companies offer flat crane services for small storage containers, industrial equipment, tractors and farm equipment.

While most people automatically associate tow companies with damaged vehicles, these companies offer another convenient and useful service. The next time you think of a towing company, remember that they also offer breakdown and crane assistance. Now you know who to call when you need this service!