Use Of Unconventional Job Search Techniques

Is your current job search technique effective enough to land the dream job you have always coveted? Then you need to ditch the conventional job search techniques and use unconventional job search tactics, especially if you want your job search to be results-oriented.

To make your job search more effective and consequently get a job faster, you must follow proper job search techniques.

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These tactics are as listed below:

Make use of your phone: Most job seekers don't do this. Only about 1 – 2% actually do. This is because it is similar to the cold calling in sales and marketing that most salespeople hate doing.

However, by calling the hiring manager or a person who may influence your employment in any organization, you are not requesting an interview, you are just starting a relationship.

You should also try to let the person you call know the person who introduced them to you. Most likely, you will not be successful on your first try.

However, you should strive to persist by following up through emails and more phone calls. That way, you might stumble upon a few clues that would be helpful during your interview.

Search for companies instead of job hunting: The joy in using unconventional style job search is that search efforts are targeted.

After you've researched industries, companies, and even people, you then focus your search on those industries and companies (and of course people) you want to work for and want to work for.

Therefore, you should target companies and not jobs in your search. Also, you should research your target companies and start working for them before they invite you for an interview.