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What Is the Cottage Style And Why Is It So Popular Lately?

Sometimes thought of as a second home or vacation retreat, the cottage-style home is often quaint and yet charming. 

The rooms are cozy and comfortable. It's also a very practical home that's very functional. It does not boast a lot of room, but it does have character. You can also get more information about architect cottage via

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The primary features of a cottage-style home include shingled, stucco walls, balconies, small porches, gable roofs, and bay windows. Generally, a cottage house is one story or 1 ½ story structure.

Elements of a Cottage Style Home

1. Rustic – But Not Too Rustic – and Traditional Feel  

Compared to a cabin, a cottage is more sophisticated and extremely detailed. A lot of attention is given to the window shapes, the arch of the doors, and the trim. 

This styling may be in a variety of forms from “bungalow” to “Victorian” to “Tudor” architecture. The variations of styling available help make for a great number of house plan designs that work with an existing home or within an existing neighborhood.

2. Asymmetrical Design

Generally, most cottages feature a design that is asymmetrical with often a chimney being rather prominent in the exterior and interior of the home. A porch is also typically part of the design. These elements add to the cozy and charming feel.