Why a Lift Cushion Can Be So Helpful for Seniors

A lift cushion is a little-known tool that can be so helpful for seniors. Here is why this device, also called a seat lift, is something every senior needs to have in their home.

As we age a lot of changes take place in our bodies. Our sense of balance diminishes, we get weaker in our arms and legs and our ability to get around becomes more of a challenge. Because of these changes, it becomes harder and harder to lift up out of chairs.

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That can be a real problem for seniors and the elderly that want to remain independent. Getting in and out of chairs easily can also be a problem for those just coming off of hip or leg surgeries.

The solution for this problem can easily be solved by using a tool called a lift cushion.

These are lifting seats that help ease a person into a chair and then back out again. They are easy to use, built strong, simple, and safe. There are different sizes depending on the weight of the user. The heaviest duty can hold up to 340 lbs.

They come in different versions. One version is designed to be portable so it can be taken with you. It can easily be transported from room to room or on a trip if you are on vacation, going to a friend's house, or even the theater.

This type of seat lifter does not require any electricity. It operates mechanically, using a hydro-pneumatic gas spring that releases when the user begins to stand. It supports up to 70% of a person's weight, so the lifting required by the person to get out of a chair is as if they weighed only 30% of their actual weight.