Why Your Home Needs Gutter Guards

As a homeowner, you must be proactive in keeping your home clean. Neglecting important areas of your home such as the foundation, roof, and cladding can cause damage that can end up costing you a lot of repairs and replacements. 

Gutters are vital to the structural integrity of your home, and if you don't want blockages, annual cleaning, and ice dams, consider adding premium gutter protection products to your home.

If you don't exercise caution when carrying out home repairs, you may find that your insurance company won't cover certain damages because the regulator may determine that you haven't taken the correct steps to follow the repair. 

No matter where you live, the weather poses many dangers to your home. From heavy rains in the Southeast to heavy snowfall in the Midwest, the weather is sure to test the effectiveness of your gutters. 

If you have an open sewer system, there is a risk of dead leaves, ice, and debris getting into drains and gutters. Once this material builds up in the gutter, it can easily become clogged, preventing the gutter from draining properly. 

Clogs often cause water to build up in gutters which then runs down the cover and, in some cases, starts seeping under the tile, causing leaks in your ceiling.